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When is the best time to fly to Koror?

The island nation of Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean a few hundred miles off the coast of the Philippines. Koror, the most populous island of Palau, is a popular tourist destination and each year tens of thousands of visitors experience its stunning natural beauty. Sun is almost guaranteed on this island; average temperatures remain at a very pleasant 27 degrees Celsius all year round. Due to its tropical climate, Koror does experience a fair amount of rain though, particularly between July and October when it can be quite heavy. In terms of prices and when to visit, Christmas and New Year are typically the most expensive time of the year. January, February and March also tend to be pricey. The cheapest time to visit is usually in the months leading up to Christmas, so it may be possible to secure relatively cheap rooms and flights to Koror in October, November or early December.  Shoulder season generally falls in July, August and September. As Palau has a strong connection to the U.S., Thanksgiving is a great time to visit; it is widely celebrated on the islands with many festivities and activities held during the holiday.

Koror overview

Quite simply, Koror is a fantastic destination for those looking to experience an island paradise. Amazing beaches, crystal clear blue water, the scenery really is picture perfect. Of course, the fact that it is an island means there are plenty of opportunities for all manner of water sports and activities. It is worth noting that some hotels include scuba diving trips in their prices, so check to see what offers are available when booking. One of the most popular aquatic destinations is Jellyfish Lake, where visitors can quite literally swim with jellyfish - thankfully, they are the non-stinging variety! Mandarin Fish Lake is another wildlife-filled lake and is ideal for a spot of snorkelling. To learn more about the history and culture of the islanders, many tourists spend some time at the Belau National Museum. Opened in 1955, it houses a number of Palauan art works, archaeological pieces and Second World War memorabilia.

Getting around Palau

There is no public transport system on the island. A private company does run a shuttle bus which travels around the islands. Renting a car is an option as is catching a taxi. There are few roads on Koror and those that there are can get quite busy at times.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (ROR) is the main airport on Pilau. Sometimes it is also called Palau International Airport, Airai Airport and Koror Airport. It is located on Babeldaob Island, approximately a 6-mile (10 km) drive from the city. Travellers can catch a shuttle bus or taxi to Koror itself or alternatively hire a car from one of the booths at the airport. Some hotels also offer a transfer service from the airport so take advantage of such an offer if possible.

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