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When is the best time to fly to Abidjan?

The city has a tropical, wet and dry climate which tends to dictate when people choose to book their flights to Abidjan. This means that the rainy season is extended with rain falling from May through July and a shorter rainy period during September and November. It also has two dry seasons, which are not necessarily free from rainy days. The city is humid throughout the year with humidity levels of 80% being common. During the wet season rain can fall continuously for many days. About 78 in (2000mm) of rain falls during the year, making this quite a wet city.

The wet season, from May through July and second wet period in September and November are off-peak times in the city and is when travellers will be able to benefit from cheap flights to Abidjan. During this season rains can be continuous and the weather very humid, making it an uncomfortable time to stay in the city. High season in the area is considered to be late November to April as this is when less rain falls and the weather is still quite good. Festive season holidays, event weekends and school holidays are more expensive in Abidjan as this is the busy tourist peak time.

Abidjan overview

As an economic centre of the Ivory Coast, Abidjan is a busy, dynamic city, where skyscrapers are the norm. It doesn't lack for tourist fun and adventure, though. Its Yopougon district offers a dynamic and social nightlife zone for travellers, while Treichville shows a more ethnic and traditional side of the city. Local water taxis are public transportation for locals in the city and form part of its charm. For a taste of history and culture visit St. Paul cathedral and the Grand mosque. Princess Street in the Yopougon district is the place to be after dark. Maquis are the best places to eat in the city. Serving a selection of local cuisine, Maquis offer lunch and dinner at very affordable prices. Lebanese eateries also serve quick and easy meals.

Tai National Park is an important sanctuary for several endangered mammal species. It also protects one of the few remaining rainforest habitats in West Africa. In 1982 the park was declared a World Heritage Site. Five of its mammal species are critically endangered.

Golf enthusiasts who take a flight to Abidjan can enjoy the facilities on offer and along the Ivory Coast. Bassam is the area's number one beach and a great way to spend a day with the whole family. Sometimes referred to as the Paris of West Africa, the city offers some gorgeous natural scenery along its lagoons and coastline.

Getting around Abidjan

There are 2 types of taxis available in the city and, depending on your budget, you can ride solo or share with other passengers to lower the costs of your fare. The local buses cover most areas of the city but can get quite crowded. Walking or bicycle riding is not considered a safe way to get around. Ferries are available for crossing the lagoon.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Flights to Abidjan are served by the Abidjan International Airport (ABJ). It is also known as Port Bouet or Félix Houphouët-Boigny airport. Getting to Abidjan is simple using public transportation which is freely available at the airport. Car taxis, buses, "moto" motorbikes, and rental cars are available from the airport as are shuttle buses and transfers.

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