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About ten million people seek cheap flights to Palma each year and the vast majority of them leave the city as quickly as possible for the resorts around Mallorca. Were they to stay in the capital city of the Balearic Islands, the city that curves around the Bay of Palma, they would discover a cosmopolitan and beautiful city just bursting with palaces, cathedrals, museums, galleries and parks, not to mention restaurants, bars and shops.

Most of Palma's sights are to be seen in its old town. The La Seu Cathedral is spectacular, French-Gothic in style with an altarpiece and candelabras by Gaudi. It was built, like so many other churches in Spain, on the remains of a mosque. Construction started about 500 years ago and is still not finished.

The Almudaina Palace is beside the cathedral. This was once the heart of the Moorish citadel but converted into a royal palace by the Christians.

Es Baluard is another stunning building. It was constructed by adding concrete walls to the remains of Palma's ramparts. The March Foundation is also worth a look. It has 70 permanent works of art as well as temporary exhibitions.

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Palma de Majorca insider information

  • Art is important in Palma so visit the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art to see works by some of the Spanish greats: Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro. Miro lived for the last 30 years of his life on Mallorca.
  • Parc de la Mar is the place to meet. There are several cafes and a stage for outdoor concerts in the summer by the lagoon Look for the huge mural by Joan Miro.
  • See and be seen in the evening like the Spanish and walk on the Passeig des Born: a tree-lined walkway that goes down to the sea. The local tradition is to walk out and meet others to keep up with gossip, or to catch the eye of someone you like. Festivals take place here as well.

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