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Bali overview

Indonesia is well known as a melting pot of cultures, and nowhere is this truer than in the vibrant resort of Bali – the country’s premier tourist destination.

Visitors coming off flights to Bali are initially struck by its natural beauty, with landscapes ranging from rugged shorelines to glistening, sun-swept beaches. These idyllic scenes are nestled alongside rows of towering volcanic summits, which provide a unique and fittingly primeval backdrop for culture vultures who want to immerse themselves in 4,000 years of Balinese history.

As the only Hindu society in Southeast Asia, the island’s ceremonies and artistic rites are unequalled anywhere else in the region. Take as just one example the celebrations leading up to the Hindu New Year, Nyepi, when the streets of Bali are awash with beautifully made effigies – known as ogoh-ogoh monsters – proudly hoisted aloft by locals clad in full ceremonial dress.

Travellers booking flights to Bali should be prepared, rituals do fill up the calendar, but the golden sands and soothing ocean breeze of Bali’s shores never fail to tame the hustle and bustle of this truly awe-inspiring island.

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Bali climate

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, so temperatures rarely dip much below 30 degrees Celsius at any time of year. High humidity levels make it feel even hotter, and naturally they bring with them the risk of rain. Showers are most frequent between October and March, though even overcast days will be peppered with glorious sunny spells. When the temperatures peak from April to September, travellers can head in-land to the noticeably fresher mountain areas.

When to fly to Bali

Peak season

April and May are the best months to visit Bali, with holidaymakers benefitting from the best weather that the dry season has to offer, while also avoiding the worst of the summer crowds. Most resorts are at their busiest from mid-June to mid-September, and visitor numbers also spike during the Christmas and New Year holidays thanks to an influx of Australian tourists.

Off season

Even during the wet season, between October and March, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Bali’s colourful and vibrant festival atmosphere. Sunny spells can be expected all-year round, though downpours will be more frequent and heavier during the off season.

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Bali insider information

  • On rainy days, beachgoers still have a good chance of catching some sun if they head over to the "Bukit", the hill south of Jimbaran Beach on Bali’s west coast.
  • Make sure you bring a sweater if you’re heading up to higher, in-land regions such as Bedugul or Kintamani. Temperatures usually hold up during the day in these mountainous areas, but it gets surprisingly chilly once the sun sets.
  • The southern resort of Kuta is probably Bali’s busiest coastal town – home to many of the island’s liveliest nightclubs and bars. Adrenaline junkies will also appreciate the multitude of activities on offer, ranging from diving to bungee-jumping.
  • People looking for a more secluded area in which to while away their holiday might be better off heading to the southern coastal town of Sanur. The beach lacks the crowds of nearby Kuta, despite being just a 30-minute drive from the airport.
  • The town of Ubud in central Bali is widely recognised as the cultural heart of the island, with traditional dances being staged every night of the week. It is also one of the island’s more upmarket areas, hosting several five-star hotels and luxurious private mansions.

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