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So you’ve come to Cheapflights.com.ph. Chances are, you are probably in the market for a, eh, well… cheap flight. But in the same way there are different kinds of travelers, it’s fair to say there are different kinds of flight bookers too. Here at Cheapflights, we know that everyone’s booking journey is a little bit different and we’re always working to make sure our site has the right tools to make the booking process simple. So whether you’re an organizational whiz or the ultimate planning procrastinator, we’re pretty sure we have something to help you get those flights booked.

Not sure what type of planner you are? Have a read below and find out what your booking persona is (and why Cheapflights.com.ph is the right site for you).

The thrifty flight searcher

The thrifty flight searcher treats the internet like a limitless thrift store and knows that in the midst of all the cat videos and fake news articles, there are deals to be found. They’d happily search the internet for hours to find the cheapest possible deal and not be put off by a pesky layover or inconvenient flight time. Enter Cheapflights.com.ph. We cut out the endless searching through websites and let you see thousands of flights from airlines and travel agents. Plus we automatically order them starting with the cheapest first. Handy right?

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The impatient traveler

What’s that expression again… “It’s the journey, not the destination…?” Nothing could be less true for the impatient traveler. When it comes to flying, they’re all about convenience and have no time for stopovers, alternative cheap routes and out-of-the-way airports. Annual leave days are precious, after all, and why would you want to spend a day hanging around an airport for a stopover, when you could fly direct and be at the beach (with a cocktail in hand) even quicker? As well as letting you filter your flight search results by the cheapest flights (it wouldn’t really make sense if we didn’t do that, right?), Cheapflights.com.ph also lets you filter by the quickest flights, for those times when money is no object.

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The logical booker

These calm and collected types know that sometimes you get what you pay for. Before making a purchase they scour the web for reviews, peruse the Ts&Cs with vigor and spends hours researching and comparing airlines and destinations. These logical bookers know that sometimes it pays dividends to pay a bit more and also know that the quickest option isn’t always the most cost effective. For them, the Cheapflights’ ‘Smartest’ filter is a godsend. If you’re this kind of traveler you can kiss your precious pro-con lists goodbye, as our clever technology crunches the numbers to show you which flights offer the perfect balance between flight price and journey time. You’re welcome. 😉

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The fussy planner

We all know one of these people… the “OMG I couldn’t possibly fly with that airline” and the “there is no way I am flying earlier than 9 a.m.” complainers. Basically, the people that make planning a group trip on WhatsApp a… tad infuriating. They’re the people who make the more easy-going among us start to mentally flip tables in anger, with most discussions resulting in someone saying, “why don’t you just book it yourself?!” Are we beginning to sound repetitive when we say that Cheapflights has the answer? It’s because we always do… Once you’ve done your flight search, you can start to filter away all the things you’d rather not have for your journey. Looking for a certain airline? You can unselect the others. Not a fan of stopovers? “Be gone to them,” you can say. Filter times, airports and flight duration to your heart’s content, and the results will still be displayed in order of the cheapest price (of course).

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So what type of booker are you? Let us know in the comments. And if you’ve been tempted to start the travel search, head on over to Cheapflights.com.ph and start hunting for flights, hotels and car rentals for your next trip.

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